About Us

A lot of women in Romania are still afraid of delivering naturally.
Many still choose to have a C-section as their first choice for delivery, even when it is not needed.

We founded Active Family Center because we felt there was a pressing need to change people’s perspective on giving birth as something to fear –
and especially out of a desire to help future parents, expecting mothers, and their children to avoid fear and feel as actors –
instead of spectators – in a truly unique and miraculous event.

We, at Active Family Center, restore women’s trust in their maternal instincts and in the strength
nature has put in each and every one of them.
We give future mothers the opportunity to discover their inner resources – to give birth, as much as possible, naturally,
and thus give their offspring one more chance to a healthy life.

Active Family Center is a center of excellence in pre – and postnatal counseling, providing services for future parents
both in the preparation period up to birth and the following months. We provide a broad range of services, from birth preparation modules
and newborn care to gymnastics and massage for expecting mothers, new mothers, and babies, with a diverse range of programs for all purposes.

If you have questions or would simply like to find out more, contact the midwife of your heart, Vania Limban, the founder of Active Family Center.

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