Epi-No Experience
It was the first time I would be delivering naturally and I started toning my pelvic floor muscles with Epi-No since my 36th week, right up to the delivery, in the 41st.
It was much more convenient to use the Epi-No than to give myself a perineal massage or convince my partner to do it. It made me very confident in my ability to go through labor, and together with the hypnobirthing class it led to a 100% natural delivery, without any medicines, episiotomy, or tears.
The whole preparation process was indeed expensive but the results were really worth it, which is why I recommend these methods to everyone.
Anna Roztosia
Thank you for bringing this device to Romania and promoting it. Although I purchased it from the center in my 35th week, I started using it in the 37th week. I had two weeks of training, as I gave birth at 39 weeks and a day. This was enough training, as I was 9 cm dilated a day before giving birth. I delivered naturally. A large part of my success is due to Epi-No. First of all, because it gave me mental comfort – what I was most afraid was that I might need to have an episiotomy or I might have a pelvic tear. Epi-No took away 90% of that fear and I feel I must thank you for that.
After my experience, the lady doctor who had followed my pregnancy started recommending it to expectant mothers. I hope to contribute to its becoming popular. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Had I known about it from the start I would have saved myself 35 weeks of torment and second-guessing.
Thank you!
Nicoleta Popa
At the recommendation of the physician who had diagnosed me with uterine prolapse I reached out to Mrs Vania Limban, Active Family Center’s specialist, to take a gymnastics program to tone the pelvic floor muscles that support the urethra, the bladder, the uterus, and the rectum. Following the exercises I did under Mrs Limban’s guidance, after having completed a program for exercising with, and using the EPI-NO DELFINE, I managed to feel and control my pelvic floor muscles. My health improved considerably and I was a lot less stressed by the weakening of the Kegel muscles.
Routinely exercising and using the EPI-NO DELFINE will help preserve the muscle tone, with benefits for your physical and mental health.
Ilaria Doucet
Throughout my first pregnancy I looked for all kinds of ways to prepare my pelvic muscles, because I was terrified by the idea of having my perineum cut during delivery (episiotomy). A friend had told me about this “balloon” – Epi-No. At first sight it seemed very expensive, but the fact that she hadn’t had any problems at birth made me consider it. After consulting with my gynecologist, I bought it and was surprised by how well the instructions were laid out, as well by the many exercises you could do.
I started using it at the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy, to tone my perineum. It helped me a lot to understand how I would have to efficiently contract and relax my pelvic floor during childbirth. And then, through the last 3 weeks of pregnancy I used it every day to stretch my pelvic floor as indicated both by the device manufacturer and my midwife. Even if I wasn’t able to inflate the balloon for more than 7-8 units on the measuring scale I didn’t need to have my perineum cut during delivery and I also didn’t experience other tears. After going through this experience I recommend it wholeheartedly to all expecting mothers, as I also did to my friends, who eventually came to have experiences just as positive as mine.
Iuliana Hayrhofer, Vienna, Austria
I recommend to all women, and especially to the future mothers, to use Epi-No to tone their perineum before giving birth. I delivered naturally a boy who weighed 4 kg at birth, had a 35 cm head circumference, and was 56 cm from crown to toe. Although it seems incredible, my perineum is intact thanks to this device, which operates on a basic principle. It’s a shame not to prepare in advance for what childbirth brings, because it isn’t easy, especially that there’s no way to know what comes next if you’re having your first child.
It’s during the Epi-No training that you begin to realize the kind of muscular stretch your perineum will face. In my opinion, it’s impossible not to experience a tear if the area is not conditioned by vulvar pre-dilation or at least a massage.
I experienced a very beautiful childbirth and I wish all women to enjoy such a unique moment in their life, because giving life to a baby is amazing. I want to thank Mrs Vania for all the support and information she gave me. I wish Epi-No were used by all the women in all the hospitals in the country; maybe this way the fear of natural childbirth will disappear because an antidote will have been found! Stay healthy and have an easy delivery!
Ioana D.
Skype Courses with Vania
I have only praise for Vania. I started the birthing classes when I was 34 weeks pregnant. Everything she told me was really helpful. Giving birth easily and naturally, controlling my emotions and how to prepare for the baby’s arrival are but a few of the topics discussed in class. Also, giving birth without a perineal tear or an episiotomy was one of the things I wanted a lot, and which was made possible by the Epi-No device Vania recommended. Although giving birth is different for everyone, I can say for sure that these classes teach just what any future mother needs to know for an easy birth. Thank you so much for everything!
Laura Milentina, France
Active Center experience
I owed readers some information about our baby boy’s refusal to be breastfed. He has lost interest both in being breastfed and in bottles of milk or formula. I have not pushed him as he becomes irritated but he has 3 solid meals a day, plus snacks. In the morning or in the evening I feed him dairy – yoghurt, or pasta, or semolina pudding, or cheese and fruit – and he drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated. There’s a silver lining in his giving up breastfeeding, as he no longer wakes up during the night to feed or for other reasons, except very rarely. I am very happy that, thanks to you, Vania Limban, I had the opportunity to breastfeed him exclusively until the age of 6 months and then alternatively feed him solid food until 11 months and a half, when he gave up breastfeeding by himself, as he was a pre-term baby and my nipples weren’t ready.So thank you so much. I’ll warmly recommend you as often as I get the chance. Thank you again.
Oana Grigore
Dear mothers, I warmly recommend you to go to her classes. After unconditional love and breastfeeding (for those moms who can do it), a visit to Ms. Vania should be next on the list. As you know, for various reasons I had reservations about getting pregnant and around the time after our baby boy was born. But I’d like to tell you about how lucky I was, as a new mother, to have met a midwife like Vania Limban.
Her many professional achievements aside, she is a good person who has become part of the family. What can she do? Well, everything! Everything you don’t know, everything you’re afraid to do, everything you never believed your child would need. Her support in raising our baby boy is invaluable.
I had no idea that at the age of 2 weeks even pre-term children are allowed to swim in the bathtub. It’s actually recommended. I had no idea that baby massage is so complex and important. I had no idea about a lot of things related to breastfeeding. Thanks to a couple of people – the wonderful nurse who took care of me during my hospital stay, my neonatologist, Cristina Chiriac, an amazing lady, and Ms. Vania – I understood the importance of maternal milk and how to breastfeed correctly and efficiently, and keep lactating. I learned things you don’t usually find in books or brochures. I learned hands-on and I had great teachers.
Cristina Stroe, Singer & Mother
My first experience with the Active Birth Centre was halfway through my second pregnancy. I was looking for advice on how the hospitals in Bucharest work regarding birth preferences. I met with Vania Limban and she was a wealth of knowledge. She truly changed my birth experience in Bucharest for the positive.
I then booked in for prenatal massage – the most relaxing 90 minutes of my pregnancy. I tried 3 different masseurs and they were all fantastic.
After giving birth via C-section, I was having problems establishing breastfeeding. Vania was amazing as a lactation consultant. She called out to my house every day for a week and helped me get on track with feeding.
I can’t recommend the centre enough. If you want sensible advice and a calm, gentle birth, this is the place to go.
Kate McGuinness
Breastfeeding was a challenge for me. On January 28 I gave birth naturally and I’m currently breastfeeding. All this is thanks to Vania and the fact that I had taken Active Center’s breastfeeding course before giving birth.
One month and a half after birth, when I thought the danger of mastitis was behind me, my baby skipped a night meal, I didn’t pump my breast until empty and woke up one morning with an engorged right breast and a red patch on it. It didn’t take long for the chills to start.
When my body temperature hit 38 degrees centigrade I realized it was serious and I needed to do something. I called Vania, who somehowcalmed me down in just a couple of minutes over the phone and sketched a clear plan of what I was to do. I followed the steps to the letter: – constantly pumping my breasts and vigorously massaging them from the underarm towards the nipple, I put cabbage leaves on my breasts, stayed hydrated, took some paracetamol and wore socks doused in vinegar for the whole night. The primary aim was for the fever to go below 37.5 degrees, so I would be able to keep breastfeeding. The fever subsided in a couple of hours and I began breastfeeding normally. The next day, I fed the baby from my right breast every time it needed to eat, so I could empty it. After the baby had fed, I would pump my other breast until empty. The whole procedure took about 48 hours. Everything went back to normal after that. I kept massaging my breast event if the redness was gone and it was no longer sore.
I thank Vania for the care, patience, and love she shares with every mother she meets, and which she’s also given me, unconditionally!
Nicoleta Mănăilă
I can only repeat: the midwife Vania Limban and her Active Center work closely with the amazing Dr Dr. Niculescu Iosif. Both speak English (Dr. Niculescu also German), both are very pro natural birth, Dr. Niculescu also one of the very few OB here who will think twice before prescribing you a drug or telling you to vaccinate your baby right after birth. I had a great experience with my pregnancy here thanks to their care. I would also highly recommend giving birth with them at Medicover (unfortunately home birth is currently not possible in Romania).
Karolina EM 

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