Vania Limban

The Midwife of Your Heart
Vania Limban is an independent midwife with an international-level experience, a gynecological health consultant, and the founder of Active Family Center.
Vania Limban has a 25-year experience in delivering babies. As a professional midwife, she has assisted hundreds of pregnant women through labor and/or delivery, and has helped hundreds of babies to come into this world.
Vania received her training at the University of the West of England, the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Georgetown University, in the USA. She was trained in assisting water birth in a hospital in Belgium. She has also worked in the delivery room of the University Hospital in Bucharest, and since 2002 manages Active Family Center and continues to provide counseling as a midwife and a specialist in water birth, active birth, and breastfeeding. Between 1997 and 2005, as the chairwoman of the Midwives’ Association of Romania, she got involved in restoring the status of midwifery in the country. She is currently Active Family Center’s Wellness Manager, overseeing its programs.
In 2011 she started Asociația Sănătate pentru Viață (Health for Life Association), promoting “a healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment”.
At the center, she holds classes on birth preparation and child rearing, and administers gymnastics programs.
– Care for you and your baby
– Birth Experience (the most important elements of labor)
– Baby Care (how to excel at caring for your newborn)
– Gymnastics & Baby massage
– Baby Home Spa
– Baby Sensis
– Perineum Fit & Care
– Counseling on pregnancy, breastfeeding, gynecological health
„A woman who has the strength to cope with all the challenges of childbirth and stays in control even through complications that might require specialist intervention will always look back fondly on giving birth to her baby.”

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