Sensory workshops

At Active Family Center, our psychotherapist provides babies and children with an environment that favors exploration and harmonious development in our sensory workshops:
5 to 12 months of age
The babies can have limited mobility and dexterity but also have their own abilities to interact with their environment and the world. Sensory play includes activities that stimulate the infant’s senses: feel, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.
We learn by playing how to stimulate the development of senses, of cognition, of motor function, and language, following the baby’s natural development stages.
1 to 3 years old
Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally support the child’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development, also supporting language and creativity development.
We explore the ways of expressing your affection and attachment, the positive discipline (how to say no without driving the child away), as well as strategies to overcome the difficult stages of this age.
We encourage the child’s development through play and socializing.

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