The Benefits of Epi-No During Pregnancy and After Birth

24 ianuarie 2017
The Benefits of Epi-No During Pregnancy and After Birth

EPI-NO is a great device for conditioning your perineum over the months before giving birth and immediately afterwards.
Available models:

  • For use during pregnancy by expectant mothers who want to deliver naturally and avoid perineal tears.
  • For use after birth by new mothers who want to regain the tonus of their pelvic muscles, a determining factor of urinary-genital health and a healthy sex life.


  • For preventive use after the age of 40 or for menopausal women, to alleviate symptoms of urinary incontinence and toning the pelvic floor.
  • Multiple clinical studies as well as the testimonies of thousands of women have confirmed the effectiveness of the device.

EPI-NO was designed by Dr. Wilhelm Horkel and a group of German gynecologists, urologists, midwives, and kinesiotherapists, upon their return from a humanitarian mission to Africa, where they had come across a tradition passed down by local women from generation to generation. This consisted of using certain gourds like calabashes and bottle gourds to strengthen and stretch the perineum in the months leading to birth, so as to avoid perineal tears.
Program for pregnant women – birth preparation with EPI-NO DELPHINE PLUS:

  • Pelvic muscle toning exercises during pregnancy, from the fourth month (week 12) to the start of the ninth (week 36)
  • Vaginal opening stretching exercises, to practice for a 10 cm dilation, starting from the ninth month of pregnancy (from week 36 to week 40)
  • Simulation exercises to practice for the time the baby starts kicking, from the beginning of pregnancy to the final month

Program for new mothers – toning the perineum after birth with EPI-NO DELPHINE PLUS:

  • Pelvic recovery exercises after birth, by training the pelvic floor muscles
  • Postnatal training with Epi-No starts at 3 to 6 weeks after birth, or when the physician indicates that it is safe for the mother to resume her sex life

Program for women, with EPI-NO LIBRA:

  • Pelvic muscles toning exercises
  • One full Epi-No program lasts for 6 months. Studies show that these exercises keep the pelvic floor to 80% of its normal tonus.

Epi-No pelvic muscles toning exercises can be performed at home without assistance and training can be customized and tailored to your specific needs.
Epi-No provides a major advantage: in conjunction with the pelvic floor conditioning exercises, it also tones the deep vaginal wall muscles, that is, the bulbocavernosus muscle.
Epi-No uniquely provides feedback for a progressive assessment of the perineum’s tonus. The integrated manometer allows for precise measurements of the perineum’s tonus.


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