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Online classes

Info Perineum Q&A – Prenatal Toning methods to avoid perineal tears and episiotomia during childbirth. Postnatal perineal toning for a sex life without problems and / or uro-genital health (urinary incontinence weakened vagina, prolaps, hemorrhoids): exercises, perineal massage, the Epi-No device, jade egg (1 session).

Assumed birth, yes I can and the Law of the 3 Rs – birth preparation course: pain, breathing, positions, massage, relaxation, labor signs (4 sessions)

Breastfeeding – breast preparation; mother issues; baby issues (1 session)

Baby care: bath, massage, gymnastics, baby sleeping, baby home spa, baby senses – calming a crying baby and triggering the soothing reflex (4 sessions)

First aid for babies 0-3 years old, pediatrician-led course & attendance certification for fathers (1 session)

Online Gym

Perineum gym: kegel exercises, perineum fit for toning / re-toning the perineum

Mindful movement: exercises to prepare the body and mind for an easier, faster, and less painful conscious childbirth

Midwife online / offline counseling

Expectant mothers counseling: pregnancy, childbirth

New mothers counseling: breastfeeding, perineal re-toning

Baby care counseling

Online / offline Doula counseling

(Active Center – at Age Sense and Mediplus)

Emotional, practical and knowledge support for pregnant women and new mothers

Baby massage

(Active Center – at Age Sense)

Recommended from the baby’s first month for psychomotor development, torticollis, minor feet abnormalities, other issues

Massage for pregnant women / new mothers

(Active Center at Age Sense)

Pregnant women: relaxation, improvement of peripheral blood / lymph flow

Mothers: pelvic abdominal organ repositioning, breast massage to stimulate lactation, toning and body relaxation


Talking to Vania Limban, your heart’s midwife”

Tuesday at 18:30, on the Moasa Vania Facebook page (ZOOM)

Interactive discussions with guests about childbirth, perineum, baby care, breastfeeding from a traditional and/or modern perspective using state-of-the-art techniques and methods

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