This method consists of exercises done with the help of an Epi-No device: contracting the pelvic muscles and progressively dilating the vaginal opening to the size of a fetus’s head, which largely allows giving birth without tears to the perineum or massively reduces the risk of tears or undergoing an episiotomy at birth.
Benefits of Epi-No exercises: doing pelvic toning exercises with Epi-No during pregnancy makes delivery easier because the perineum acquires increased flexibility and elasticity.
After birth, practicing pelvic toning exercises over the next 6 months ensure in 90% of the case the recovery and regaining of the perineum’s tonus, going back to a normal sex life, and urinary-genital health with no issues (urinary incontinence, urinary-genital prolapse, or other issues).
Recommended time: toning exercises are recommended starting with the 12th week of pregnancy; vulvar opening dilation exercises are recommended starting with the 37th week. Postnatally, the program starts after the postpartum period (6 weeks after birth).
BONUS! 1 INFO Q&A EPI-NO DELPHIN PLUS session – introductory training on pelvic care and using the Epi-No device & 1 pelvic gymnastics session
Duration: 2 hours

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