The Birthing Teacher

24 ianuarie 2017
The Birthing Teacher

After a good several years, last night I saw again my mother’s “birthing teacher”, Vania Limban. When she was pregnant with me, my mother (in case anyone wants to make a donation, she is Laura Lazăr, marketing & project manager at Helpautism) went to Vania’s birth and baby care classes for a month (at the time, Vania was working as a midwife at the University Hospital of Bucharest) … AND DELIVERED NATURALLY.
NB. As a midwife, I feel great when, years later, I meet children I’ve known since they were babies, whose heartbeat I listened to when they were still in the womb… Some of them I delivered myself, and others were delivered by other midwives who also believe in natural childbirth. To help babies and the mothers who want to have a natural, midwife-assisted childbirth, please sign the petition “We Need Midwives”, at


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